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N. Balakrishnan


Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McMaster University
Ontario, Canada








Research interests: Order statistics, distribution theory, robust inference, multivariate analysis, reliability, and statistical inference.

  - Editor-in-Chief of Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
  - Editor-in-Chief of Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation
  - Executive Editor of Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
  - Editor-in-Chief of Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences

Lecture Title: Permanents and Applications

Lecture 1 - Permanents and an Application to Ordered Data
Lecture 2 - Permanents with Application to Outliers, Robustness and Ranked Set Sampling

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Ali S. Hadi


Ali S. Hadi

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science
The American University in Cairo


Research interests: Statistical computing and graphics, robust statistics and outlier detection, linear and nonlinear models, multivariate analysis, matrix algebra and numerical analysis.

  - Editor-in-chief of International Statistical Review 
  - Co-founding Editor of the Journal of Economic and Social Research
  - Associate Editor of the Journal of the International Environmetrics Society (1993-2009)
  - Associate Editor, TEST (2002-2005)
  - Editor, TIES Newsletter of the International Environmetrics Society (1996-2000)
  - Associate Editor, Benchmarking for Quality Management and Technology (1993-2005)
  - Associate Editor, Journal of Statistical Studies (1993-2004)
  - Elected member of the Board of Directors, the International Environmetrics Society (1999-2000)
  - Elected member of the Board on the International Association for Statistical Computing (1997-2000)
  - Advisory Editorial Board member for ERC Press (1992-2000)
  - Panel member, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996, 1998


Lecture Title: Applications of Matrix Algebra in Various Fields

Lecture 1 - Matrices Useful for Graph Theory and Expert Systems
Lecture 2 - Interesting Applications of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Lecture 3 - Regularization of Ill-Posed Systems
Lecture 4 - Preprocessing the Rows of Multivariate Data Grossly Distorts Their Graphical and Correlation Structures


Volker Mehrmann


Volker Mehrmann 

Technischen Universität Berlin
Institute of Mathematics









Research interests: Numerical analysis, matrix theory, control theory, parallel computing.


  - Editor-in-Chief of Linear Algebra and its Applications
  - Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra (1995-1999)
  - Associate Editor of Linear Algebra and its Applications (1992-1999)



Lecture Title: Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: Analysis and Numerical Solution

Lecture 1 - Matrix polynomials in science and engineering
Lecture 2 - Theory of structured matrix polynomials
Lecture 3 - Numerical methods for small nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Lecture 4 - Numerical methds for large scale linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems

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